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Personal Injury - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a personal injury case?
A personal injury case is one that arises due to an accident or injury that may have been the fault of another person – usually due to his or her negligence or intent to cause harm.

Do I have to go to court?
Not necessarily. Sometimes personal injury claims can be settled outside of the courtroom with an agreed upon settlement amount paid to the victim

What amount of compensation can I expect to receive?

That will depend upon many factors, such as the extent of injuries you sustained, whether the other party was entirely or partially at fault, and the amount of medical expenses, wage loss, and emotional stress that you have suffered. By working with our experienced personal injury attorneys, you have the chance of getting as much compensation as possible – enough to fully cover all of your expenses and pay for all damages.

Do I have to pay anything up front?
Not when you work with our attorneys. We will only collect our fees if we win your case and get compensation for your injury. Any reputable personal injury law firm should not charge anything up front for their services.

How do I know if my injury or accident was someone else’s fault?
That will depend upon your specific case and the circumstances leading up to your accident. An investigation will help us determine how likely a win may be in your case.

Do I need to file my case within a certain amount of time after the accident or injury?
Yes. In California, this time frame is one year for most personal injury cases. Therefore, it is important to act fast and contact a personal injury attorney who can help you bring your claim to court.

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Glendale Personal Injury Attorney

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